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Under her skilled mentorship, these courses are designed to dramatically enhance your skills and empower you in various aspects of performance and professional development. From on-camera acting finesse and mastering auditions to refining your accent for effective storytelling, Jillian combines deep industry experience with a passion for teaching.

What We Offer:

For Actors & Creators: Elevate your performance skills, develop your personal brand, and gain practical career strategies.

For Professionals: Improve communication, master confident body language, and develop a trustworthy, credible presence both on-camera and in-person.
For Filmmakers: Receive expert guidance on script analysis, pre-production planning, directing actors, and the post-production process.

For Everyone: Learn to hear & reduce your accent to communicate more clearly or incorporate different accents, build confidence in any performance or speaking situation, and enhance your overall presence in life and work.

Jillian’s dynamic approach will not only improve your abilities but also inspire you to reach new heights and captivate any audience. Embrace the opportunity to transform your skills and unleash your potential at AAA Masterclass!

Welcome to AAA Masterclass with Hollywood actress & filmmaker Jillian Reeves

Current & Upcoming Classes
(full list of classes can be found on the "Course Guide" page )

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